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What to do? Give a Cancer sign time — eventually these folks will come out to play again. These folks are tenacious and strong-willed and like to get their way. That said, any self-respecting Crab would tell you that they are ultimately motivated by protecting their home and loved ones, a most noble goal. Cancers are ruled by the Moon — the Great Mother of the heavens in ancient times. The Moon is associated with fertility, too, a quality that is most pleasing to Cancers.

The Moon is also the ruler of moods, and Cancers have plenty of those. The element associated with Cancer is water. Common traits are that they can be overly sensitive, easily hurt and prone to brooding.

Taurus Vs. Scorpio

Even so, Crabs find it easy to be sympathetic to others and are quick to show their affection. Their intuition is also a great help to them, especially in times of stress. These folks tend to pick up on things and bring them in, with the outward result ranging from sentimentality to possessiveness. On the bright side, Cancers are good with money although some consider them too thrifty , probably because they value a sense of security. Many Cancers are passionate foodies who love to cook and of course, eat!

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Need a little TLC? Be warned: You will need to return the favor soon enough! That shell can be a bit too snug and Crabs can lose perspective, lapsing into pessimism. Before claustrophobia strikes, make sure to set healthy boundaries.

All About the Zodiac Signs

They need friends who give them space to vent but also remind them of their strength. Ford, George W.

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The Crab cuts to the chase. Giving oodles of love, care and reassurance when required. It is very easy to get on the wrong side of Cancer. Even casual, cutting remarks can have a devastating effect on the sensitised Crab. Be warned!

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Cancer is very black and white when someone wrongs them. There is no negotiation, and no reprieve - you are history. When off balance, Cancer can be its own worst enemy. A born worrier, The Crab can get quite worked up about silly details and arrangements. This sign is not great at going with the flow.

The Zodiac Sign Cancer Symbol - Personality, Strengths, Weaknesses – Labyrinthos

Worries can become quite irrational, and self-defeating. Cancerians need to be nurtured, loved and treasured in order to flourish. Only when they feel secure do they reach peak form.

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Shake their foundation and surety? Cancer will beat a hasty retreat, ignoring you thereafter!

The contents of the Cancer brain are vivid, lively, and entertaining. Prepare to be greatly amused. The Crab possesses a wicked sense of humour. Plus an uncanny ability to see through pretence and deception.